Baby sun protection


The first 18 years of life are crucial for preventing sun damage. For babies 6 months and younger, try to avoid being outside for extended periods of time in order to prevent overheating and protect against sunburns. Keep in mind that sunscreen is not typically recommended for use on babies under 6 months so it's best to stay in doors. 
When you do venture out, reach for rash guard swim suits and floppy hats to protect those kiddos. After 6 months of age, sunscreen can be used, so make sure you are applying the right amount to keep your baby's skin beautiful. I recommend mineral based sun protection like Aveeno Baby mineral block, CeraVe Baby sunscreen, Vanicream sunscreen and EltaMD UV pure.  For older kids, the sprays and sticks are nice for ease of use. Just make sure you are getting a thorough enough coating for adequate protection. After using a spray, the skin should be glistening and moist. Protect those kiddos now and they will thank you later!

Ryan KeaheyComment