How to deal with dry skin during the winter months

Winter is coming and so is the dry, itchy skin!  Here are a few pointers on how to cope:


1.       Use only lukewarm water in the shower. The hotter the water, the drier your skin becomes.

2.       Use soap only as needed. Try using a gentle soap like Cetaphil or Dove only where you need it: underarms, feet, groin, etc.

3.       IMMEDIATELY after showering, smear on a thick moisturizer and then towel dry.  This helps seal in the moisture from the shower.  I like Vanicream Skin Cream and Vanicream Lite Skin Lotion.  If you are very dry, consider using Vaseline or Aquaphor.

4.       You may need it a few times a day!  Everyone’s skin is unique and some folks are drier than others.  Especially if you are prone to sensitive skin or eczema, you may need moisturizer morning, noon, and night.  If your skin still appears ashy or scaly, you need more moisturizer!

Ryan KeaheyComment