Summer Sun Protection


It's that time of year when we all head outside any chance we can get.  As an active person myself, I definitely understand the importance of getting outside with the kids and I encourage my patients to do the same.  By getting outside and enjoying the sunshine you are encouraging your family to maintain an active lifestyle which can help keep them healthy over the long term.  However, we need to do so safely.  

  • Seek shade, wear a wide-brimmed hat like the Coolibar Sun Hat pictured below. It provides protection for your head and shoulders and it's packable, meaning it will maintain its shape even after being stuffed into a pool bag over and over again. There are dozens of styles and colors to choose from.
  • Cover up!  Sun protective clothing lines have come a long way in making light weight protective clothing and swim shirts. SwimZip is one of many lines that can help protect your skin while playing at the pool or waterpark.
  • Facial Sunscreen is a must.  In order to avoid sun damage to your face and neck, I advise investing in a high quality facial sunscreen to be worn every single day rain or shine.  EltaMD UV Clear is one of my favorites.  

Also, don't forget about the rest of your skin when you will be out 15 minutes or longer. Look for sun blocks with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to protect against UVA and UVB. I like CeraVe sunscreen, the EltaMD products mentioned above, and Aveeno mineral block. These are some of my favorites, but there are many more out there.  SPF 30+ is sufficient for most skin types, but higher SPF protection is recommended for lighter complexions.  Those sunscreens that boast a 100+ SPF factor are usually not much more protective than those mentioned above and not worth the money.  Make sure to apply an appropriate amount of sunscreen, which is a nickel-sized amount to the face alone and a shot-glass sized amount for the rest of the body. Remember to reapply every 60-80 minutes if you are in the water. Stay tuned for my sunscreen recommendations for babies and little ones!

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