April Specials

The month of April we are featuring our designer peel, VI Chemical Peels for $150 (valued at $275). This is a great way to start summer with beautiful skin!

VI peels are safe for all skin types and have become a premier peel in dermatology and plastic surgery. They are designed for the treatment of unwanted pigmentation, sun damage, and aging of the skin. We also have a specific peel to treat acne.

Chemical peels work best in a series of 2-3. Book your first one this month and you may pre-purchase another for future use!

Commonly asked questions:

Will I undo the effects over the summer?
As long as you maintain with sunscreen and hats, you will not lose the beneficial effect of the peel!

How long will I peel?
Typically from days 3-5.

Is it uncomfortable?
No! Most patients have no discomfort at all.

How often do I need these?
Dr. Kyle recommends starting with a series of 2-3 at monthly intervals before or early in the summer and then scheduling a follow-up for September to see if you need a touch-up.

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